Curiosity is the fuel for discovery and learning!

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry based learning provides students a role in directing their own learning and enables tehm to become independent. Through Inquiry we learn how to learn.

Year Four Writing Showcase

Today our Year Fours hosted an exhibition of their recently published books. It was fantastic to see so many authors and so many fantastic stories.  There was interesting characters, incredibly descriptive settings and entertaining plots. It was great to see so many...

Remembrance Day 2020

Today was Remembrance Day. At 11am on the 11th of November in 1918 the fighting stopped in World War One. This ended four years of continuous fighting where millions of people lost their lives. Every year we pause with a minute's silence to pay tribute to people of...

2020 Book Day!

Book day in 2020 was a book day like no other! Our Book day is always a very special day on our school calendar. It is the perfect time to elaborate authors, books and of course...reading! Due to COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to have visitors on site which...

2020 Bourchier Cup

The Bourchier Cup has become an institution at Bourchier Street Primary School. It started ten years ago as a way of using the spring racing carnival to bring fun and learning. Beginning its life as a Senior School event, the Bourchier Cup involved students and...

Fun Friday’s & Dress Ups!

We wanted to thank everyone for all the great work they have put into outfits for our Book day, Footy Colours day and also tomorrow's 'Bourchier Cup' day. The idea of Fun Fridays in Term Four was to ensure that the kids were all very excited about returing to school...
Play Based Learning

The aim of the play based program is ‘to promote a sense
of wonder, exploration, investigation and interest in a rich
range of materials, resources and opportunities in which
the child can engage. (p. 30, Walker, 2007) The child is
viewed as being instrumental to the way in which materials
and equipment are selected and organised within the
environment. Such environments are often described as child
focused as children are constantly engaged in meaningful
learning experiences. While children’s interests form the
basis of the program, the environment needs to be carefully
planned and presented in ways that are inviting to young
children. All experiences are based on supporting a balance
of child and adult initiated ideas and investigations, and
utilise the indoor and outdoor areas equally. Specific play
spaces or areas may be arranged to within the environment
to engage children in different areas of learning such as art,
literacy and construction. Within each area children should be
offered a range of open-ended and loose materials that can
be used across different abilities and diverse interests. This is
particularly important for mixed age grouping however within
a single age group, it also enables children to explore their
interests using their individual strengths and skills. As these
aspects can differ greatly between children, an effectiv

Inquiry in Mathematics

Inquiry Maths is a model of teaching that encourages students to regulate their own activity while exploring a mathematical statement or diagram (called a prompt). Inquiries involve the class in questioning, conjecturing, generalising and proving and, when required, in listening to the teacher’s explanation.

Inquiry in Literacy

Inquiry allows us to provide open-ended experiences and investigations that enable students to enter at their own readiness levels. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and presenting, are enhanced through inquiry learning. Teachers guide the learning and provide support as needed

Inquiry across the curriculum

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