Bourchier St Primary School
Our Mission=


Our mission is to develop young people with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on what they believe. We stress the total development of each child: moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical and our ultimate goal is for our students to see themselves as their own most important teacher and to carry this empowering mindset with them into further education and life. At Bourchier we have always achieved this by maintaining a focus on learning and fun…everyday! 


Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

It is impertive that all learning spaces in our school are calm, safe and orderley.  We work hard to create an environment that is welcoming for all and where everyone feels respected, supported and safe to voice their feelings, concerns and opinions. 

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

We believe that the best way to create confident and capable learners is to make sure they get off to the best possible start. Our Foundation Team work really ahrd to make this happen. 

  • Children explore the topics they love and use their interests to create new learning experiences
  • Children build relationships with each other and with the wider school community
  • Children engage in a play-based learning approach, which acknowledges the whole child in the Early Years which leads to better academic outcomes in both Literacy and Numeracy
  • The learning environment is carefully designed reflective of the latest Early Childhood research 

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

Intentional opportunities for students who have transitioned out of the Foundation year  to further develop their identity with the wider school community. 

We ensure that we build on the foundational Literacy and Numeracy concepts student have been introduced to in their first years of school. Early intervention and targeted teaching are aimed at ensuring all students achieve essential literacy and numeracy concepts that will underpin future learning. 

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

In our  3/4 communities students build a strong sense of themselves as learners and identify strengths and areas of development for future learning.

  • Collaborative learning is a focus, providing explicit teaching and learning opportunities to promote these essential skills
  • A Growth Mindset is created; encouraging each student to reach their full potential and seek challenges in their learning
  • Students are provided with learning opportunities to expand on known ideas through imagining possibilities and connecting ideas
  • Students are encouraged to think like authors, mathematicians, scientists and sports specialists as they take risks and create new learning

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

Our 5/6 community work hard to promote the idea that we are all leaders and have the ability to lead our own learning. We challenge each other to be the best learners we can be. We recognise, accept and create opportunities to drive our own learning. We demonstrate leadership and promote student voice and are constantly reflecting on our thinking and learning. 




What our learners are Saying

“I enjoy being challenged and I know I have lots of people that can help me, at one stage today I had three teachers in my class helping at the same time.”

“I have learnt so much this year and have made such great friends. The teachers make the classes fun and there is so much to do outside. Also, the Assistant Principal is the best! He is such a legend!”

“I loooove this school…For real.”


After School programs


Years Established

Get In Touch

Location: 1-19 Bourchier Street, Shepparton, Victoria, Aus

Telephone: (03) 5821 3488

Email: bourchierps@education.vic.gov.au

School Hours: M-F: 8:30am – 3:15pm


At Bourchier St Primary School we are committed providing a safe environment (both physical and online) for all the children in its care, including children with a disability, aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and children from culturally and diverse backgrounds.  To ensure children have every opportunity to grow into happy, respectful citizens we have a zero tolerance of any form of child abuse. This zero tolerance approach includes extensive safeguards and protections to ensure our school is free from the conditions under which child abuse could occur. This policy, in conjunction with other relevant policies outlines our mission and objectives in regards to child safety and the measures we will include to ensure that all students are in a safe environment.