Spelling Part 2

As a follow up to our previous staff meeting we will again be looking at spelling. Spelling can be a tricky subject to plan for and teach, children often have varying difficulties and the focus of today is to assist with this.

First off have a go at spelling these… (Over to Kellie)

Spelling Inventory

You have all been asked to complete a spelling test and bring some of the results with you. The idea of this test is to help us identify the needs of the students we have. This test also has an input program that will analyse children’s data for you, identify their needs and group children.

Watch the video below to recap on how to input the data and assess children.

Spelling Activities

Spelling should be a daily focus in the classroom. Here are some examples of activities that you can do.

  • Word of the Week
  • Word Mind Maps
  • Word Sorts

Here is an example of how word sorts could be used in the classroom.

Mind mapping with words

Peaches Mind Map

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