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Bourchier St Primary School’s literacy program develops each child’s ability to speak, listen, read and write competently and confidently for the purposes of communication, learning and enjoyment in our society.

The Reader's Workshop

We believe that all students need to experience high-quality teaching to ensure maximum learning. The reading workshop model is based on high impact teaching strategies. 

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Speaking & Listening

A solid foundation of oral language helps children become successful readers, strong communicators and increases their confidence and overall sense of well-being. Talk, talk, talk!  

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Children learn language and learn about language by using it for their own purposes. The purpose of language is the pivotal aspect of language development. We provide students with many language opportunities that serve a variety of purposes, such as formulating ideas, seeking information, expressing opinions, engaging in discussions, relating information, questioning, challenging, describing and persuading.

Speaking and listening plays a vital role in developing language as well as providing students with the essential pre-reading skills, strategies and behaviors by:

Creating links between language and real experiences

Creating links between spoken and written language

Demonstrating how thinking, talking, reading and writing are inter-related

Realising that thoughts can be talked about, written about and read about 

Literacy Assessment

Rigorous and continuous assessment underpins all of the work we do. Our practice involves the provision of effective feedback to students and active involvement of students in their own learning.

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All teachers use assessment to make adjustments to teaching. At Bourchier we recognise the profound influence assessment has on the motivation and self-esteem of students, both of which are crucial influences on learning, the need for students to be able to assess themselves and understand how to improve is an essential component of our assessment practices. 

Developing Passion

We want to ignite a passion for reading and writing!  Enthusiastic “read alouds” are commonplace in our classrooms, reading nooks with pillows, allow students to choose, take risks and keep an open mind! 

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The Writer's Workshop

Complementing our Readers workshop. The Writers workshop aims to provide learners with a sesne that they are all authors and immerse them in the wonderful world of language and literacy. 

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Reading Recovery

Early Literacy Intervention is critical for early learners. Our one-on-one reading recovery program aims to get learners the reading support they need to allow them to flourish as readers and writers.  

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Welcome to Reading Recovery! Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention program designed for students who need extra support in their literacy learning. It is a one to one program facilitated by a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher. The Reading Recovery Program operates for children in Year 1.

At Bourchier Street Primary School we have fully trained Reading Recovery teachers. The Reading Recovery Lesson Daily 30 minute lessons are individually designed and delivered by Reading Recovery teachers who have completed a year-long in-service education program. Drawing from their training and daily observations, Reading Recovery teachers make decisions to support each child’s learning. 

During each lesson, each child will be: 

  • Reading familiar books.
  • Rereading a new book from the previous day.
  • Working on letter and/or words.
  • Composing and writing a story.
  • Assembling a cut-up story sentence.
  • Introduced to a new book.
  • Reading a new book. 

The daily lesson of reading and writing provides useful information about what the child knows and what he/she needs to know. 

Expert Practioners

At Bourchier St Primary,  Literacy is foundational to everything we do. We invest heavily in the professional learning of our teachers and as such we consider every teacher at Bourchier an expert on Literacy.  

Readers & Writers Notebooks

Readers & Writer’s notebooks allow learners to take in the world around them and document their daily lives. They provide an easy, informal way to start thinking about new topics and ideas.  Let’s get wrtiting! 

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These notebooks are a great place to store favorite quotes, random facts, dreams, and ideas for the future.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get writing!

Literacy Articles

2021 Transition: Story Time at Bourchier

2021 Transition: Story Time at Bourchier

It was great that many of you were able to make our Story Time Zoom session on Friday afternoon. We really enjoyed seeing the faces of some of our newest Bourchier students! We will be running another Story Time on September the...

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Fun Fridays!

Who likes fun? Surely everybody! That is exactly what we wanted to bing to everyone with our Fun Fridays. We are in the second period of remote learning in 2020 and have now been unable to be at school since the start of August....

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What is it like in…North Korea?

Our Year sixes have been learning all about countries around the world. So far their investigations have led to discoveries about what it is liek to live in contries such as Russia, Germany, and North Korea. Quite often these places are very different in many ways to...

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Summarising: What’s it all about?

Being able to read is an extremely useful skill to have. For many people, it is one of life’s pleasures. But what is the purpose of reading? We might read a text to gather information about a topic or idea. We might read a text to learn how to do or make something. We...

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What is all this data about?

How many times do wash your hands in a day? How many biscuits do you eat? How many minutes do you exercise? You might never thought about these questions but our junior school have! They have been very busy counting, recording and displaying information (or data)...

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Keep those comments coming!

In the last week our school reached a significant milestone, we reached over 100,000 total submissions on Seesaw. During our remote learning periods this year we have averaged around 10,000 pieces of work being submitted each week. While these numbers are mind...

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Let’s Keep Reading!

I know we have said it hundreds of times, but here is it one more time....2020 has been like no other! We have been thrust into home learning not once but twice! Even when we returned to school we faced many different restrictions which meant school was very...

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Our School Zone

Our school zone is available on which hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones for 2020 onwards. Students residing in this zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your permanent...

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Coronavirus Update

Dear Parents, As you would be aware, the Victorian Government has introduced new measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. These measures do not apply to schools in regional and rural Victoria, including...

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